In the Still of the Knight

Raw from the Road, April 16, 2018

In the Still of the Knight

I’m kind of honored to be a dragon lady.
The dragon is a very powerful, mythical animal.

Yoko Ono

Baby Bull, Santa Ynez Valley, CA


You know the saying “she’s like a bull in a china shop?”

Well, picture a bull in a china shop wearing a hat with long spikes sticking out and every which way it turned it brought china crashing to the ground.

That’s how I felt recently.

I was in this precarious situation with someone and in trying to make things better, I made them worse.

And it didn’t stop just there. I kept going…

Every time I tried to make it better or thought I was being more thoughtful, I just kept making it worse, creating all the drama I try so hard to avoid.

Then, I had a conversation with a good friend/colleague and she said the most profound thing.

She said, “what if everything in the china shop was supposed to be broken and taken off the shelves?”

Whoa…  I never thought of it like that.

It makes sense, particularly in times of transition, when we are creating new and healthy boundaries for ourselves that are more healthy, that things will seem a little reckless. It’s not unusual that those new boundaries will piss some people off.

It’s come down to basic and overdue self-love and self respect in regard to certain relationships.

It appears to me that no matter how many dragons I slay, there will always be more.

However, this metaphor is taking on new meaning for me lately.

The slaying doesn’t look like coming out with your dukes up or laying down the gauntlet.

It looks like being still, noticing the dragon, taking a few breaths, relaxing my shoulders, and connecting to my heart.

Oh, and that the Dragon?  That dragon is me and my egoic thoughts, (aka china on the shelves), and only that.

Being gentle as I slay the dragon behooves me and gives me practice for loving my way out (and in) next time I find myself in that crazy making arena.

Everybody has dragons. Everybody has love.

This incredibly wise and talented friend who suggested the concept of clearing the shelves in the china shop

challenged me to going bigger.

Much bigger.

I took her on and I will be creating a  3’ x 6 ‘ Treads painting very soon.

Can you guess the title of this next piece?

Yep.  ‘In the Still of the Knight”

Be gentle with yourself today…and always.

Love your dragons and let them go.

I’m right there with you on this journey!



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