Inspired by all things literal and abstract in nature and life, I take photographs and create resin paintings, sometimes merging the two, with the goal of inviting beauty and intrigue into the viewer’s experience.


“Robbie Kaye’s work doesn’t fully represent realism and is not a full abstraction but a blend of both. Robbie focuses on the abstraction as her intent is not to reflect or convey anything ‘concrete’ or ‘real’ but to tell a story through aesthetics and elements of composition. We can see the three main elements that abstract photography encompasses: focus on form, color and texture – all three are dominant in Robbie’s work and visualize Robbie’s desire to invite people to interpret her work through their own lens. I am also really impressed by how the artist skillfully expresses the mood and the atmosphere of the landscape she depicts.” Liza Zhurkovskaya, Art Curator and Consultant

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