Exhibited in homes, galleries and businesses, paintings and photographs by Robbie Kaye are part of private and public collections.

Her innovative body of work is contemporary and intimate, creating spaces styled in the most subtle or vibrant settings.

"Her eye sees and her heart shares, in everything she does. As an artist Robbie presents her work in a wide variety of mediums. Recently I asked her to help me find something or create something for a place above a bathtub. Knowing moisture would restrict my options, she opened her library of images recommending a metal backing for a photo. We finally chose a photo of a sunset in Big Sur. The meager light in this location in a bathroom doesn’t matter, the image still glows and shimmers, reflecting the end of daylight.

Happy with Robbie, yes. Her creative skills and intuitive matching of client and art piece make her a rare gem."
Karen Roberts
Solvang CA


OutOFTheBLue Desk

NakedIndigo Bedrom

Snowed In

Canvas Mockup Creator

Wake Up Fireplace

After The Burn

One Way or Another

When The Ice Melts

Just Around The Corner

Naked Indigo

Fiesta And Fire

The Turning Point

Growing Up

IllTakeYouThere WhiteChair

Good Day Sunshine

Indigo Couch


Night Owl

Not Lost Yet

Out Of The Blue

Rainy Days and Nights

Just Around The Corner

Pink Sky and Snow

What’s In There

Pink Velvet

Under The Weather

The Path

Paint and Snow

Can’t Stop It


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