Life On the Road

Life On the Road

A little boy I know became a matchbox car afficionado at a very young age and as a result, I started collecting and buying them for him.

The more cars I bought, the more I noticed all the details in each car and the precision that went into creating them. I found companies that created limited edition models with intricate features and became somewhat obsessed myself.

I started collecting cars and trucks from different eras and models from television shows and movies.

In my desire to create each artwork as authentically as possible, I read articles and viewed movies to reproduce the feel of the event or film. I wanted the cars to authentically correlate as much as possible.

I feel very connected to this project with my love for road trips, nostalgia and the artistic precision of each miniature replica.

The first piece I created is called, “Stopped Short.” A car hangs over the road. Do we take the risk? As the artist, there are personal meanings to each scene, however, the aesthetic invites the viewer to interpret your their own story.

Each car scene is one of a kind and created with resin, wood, acrylic paint and selected die-cast cars, some of which, are limited edition or collectible.

Whether recreating a scene from The Graduate or the final scene of Thelma and Louise, my goal was to evoke a nostalgic memory about a time in history or in one’s life.

The pieces from Life on the Road are available for purchase and for gallery and museum exhibitions. Contact for more information.

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