Feeling Groovy

  Raw From The Road, June 12, 2017   Feeling Groovy Slow down, you’re movin’ too fast You got to make the morning last… Simon and Garfunkel   It seems only fitting to quote a Simon and Garfunkel song about New York since I have just returned from a wonderful visit there with my family […]

Created by Insomnia… Fun!

I couldn’t fall asleep and created this little photo montage with iMovie on my phone in bed.  It is a compilation of my photography and the text is based on a song I wrote and recorded called, “The Summer Has To Go.”  (available on iTunes and CD Baby) … sorry about the plug, but I […]

Day 3 – I Got The Music in Me!

 Day 3. What a perfectly sculpted piece of art… created by nature.Today, I thought about letting go and how constricted I have been in so many ways. Depriving myself of some things that I know fill my soul with joy and excitement and one of those things is dancing.  On my way home from my […]