Keep On Loving

My very close friend in New York just told me about a ring she wears on her thumb to remind her that it’s always, all about love.  We talked about how easy it is to respond to tense situations with knee-jerk reactions that only seem to hurt ourselves.  As it happens, this past Sunday the woman who gave the sermon spoke of writing the letters on her wrist “CL”  They stand for Choose Love.  Seems to me that the message lately, is to break out of old patterns and learn to connect to that beautiful space inside that is full of love and it is through that place that we will see any situation and respond in kind.  Sometimes this means responding in absolute honesty, and that doesn’t always feel good, but it is still love, when conveyed in truth and kindness. 

So after my conversation tonight with Darl, I went to the website where they sell the ring (Kohl’s) and it is sold out.  Then I went to 2 other websites and it was sold out there as well.  At first, I felt disappointed, but then, I thought about how amazing it is that so many people are buying these rings with the message “Keep on Loving” and that they are being sold out.  This can only mean something beautiful, that people are remembering that we all have a very powerful tool… love…and that love is obviously being spread around… through rings and jewelry.

As for my visible reminder to choose love everyday… well… I could get a tattoo…. but will probably sit back and let the perfect reminder come to me.   I’ll keep you posted, but for now… Keep on Loving!


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