What’s The Big Idea?

What’s the Big Idea?

 ‘Think Big’ isn’t just a cliche or slogan. It’s a call to action. 

An invitation to live fully with risk, failure, deep love, forgiveness and success.

Happy Autumn!

I love the juxtaposition of this new season. The bold colors of Autumn leaves; orange, red and yellow that lead to the transition and elements of Winter, which is a time of shedding and contemplation and ‘nakedness.’ 

For many years I have interpreted the word ‘naked’ as showing up without facades, without identifiers, etc.  Just bare like winter trees and we see them as they are with little to no covering.  However, we know that at some point, in time, they will produce seedlings and leaves once again.  

They give me hope that I too, can shed the way I’ve thought of myself in the past as I become my future self, day by day.  Dr. Benjamin Hardy says it extremely well, “Your Future Self is wiser than your present self can imagine.”

Click above to view the Naked Trees collection and hear the song I wrote, “Freeze My Mind.”
Give the gift of Art!
We don’t need to have a holiday season to give gifts, however… winter and the gift giving season is coming and I’ve had such a great response to these mini 3 x 3 inch fine art pieces fashioned after the Naked Trees collection, that I am offering a LIMITED EDITION of (50).

I’m working on completing other projects but I do have time to create 50 smaller pieces for gifts for yourself or for someone who would love a ‘little’ fine art in their home or office.  

To make sure they are created and shipped to you by the holidays, I am accepting commissions now and will be taking orders from today until October 21st, midnight. 

For your commission, you get to choose what season(s) you would like: Winter, Spring Summer or Autumn. Each one-of-a-kind piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and is signed.

This is a great gift for someone who wants to start small in collecting fine art… literally!

$59 includes a 3×3 painting with its own easel is  (Your choice of season) SHIPPING INCLUDED!

$229 For 4 minis  (Your choice of seasons) SHIPPING INCLUDED!


Place your commission by:
Replying to this email.
 -Tell me your choice(s) of season and how many you would like to order as well as your full name and address for shipping.  After receiving your info I will confirm your order.

– Please make a payment to:

Venmo: @robbiekaye
Paypal: @robbiekaye

I can’t wait to create your miniature Naked Trees!

If you prefer to order one of the Naked Trees  3×3 on my website you can! (Click HERE to see them)

If you prefer medium or even large pieces they are available as well. You can view those on my website HERE.

Naked Trees at Night 9 x 12 in.       Blues on the Horizon 9 x 12 in.       Guiding Light 12 x 12 in.

Since I Fell for You 16 x 20 in

This past week I traveled to the Eastern Sierras to see the changing colors of the aspens. We got to hike with our newly adopted dog, Willow. Mother Nature did not disappoint!

Other fun news:  My work is now represented at Corazon Contemporary Gallery in Santa Fe, NM as well as Kefi Art Gallery in Toronto and Brittany Davis Gallery in Nevada City.

Enjoy all the change and beauty this new season brings…inside and out!

Right there with you on this journey,


For information regarding pricing and purchase.  Fill out the form below and Robbie will contact you with details.

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