Ladies of the Valley – First Trailer – Dream!

It is one of my dreams to share the inspiration of others through my work, my photography and this is just the beginning.  The first trailer to the Ladies of the Valley documentary is here!


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By first, I mean that I intend to create more than 1 trailer as there are 22 women interviewed to date for this project and I am planning on filming more in the new year.  I have only begun the process of investigating how to move forward with the amazing footage from this project, (video by Kelly Burke), to create the Ladies of the Valley documentary.  I don’t know if it will result in a crowd-fund type of thing or if a large production company will be interested in producing the entire documentary, a min-series or perhaps a docu-series.  I only know that I am determined to share the inspiration of these incredibly grounded and vulnerable women of the Santa Ynez Valley with as many people as possible. This project is a microcosm for not just women in the blessed valley, but for everyone, everywhere. These women have conquered unbelievable challenges and their stories will most likely remind you of your known, in some way.  Each woman has personally inspired me and I can’t wait for them to inspire you too.

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I would like to thank ALL the Ladies of the Valley who have participated and shared their lives so far and I look forward to meeting many more.  In this trailer you will meet; Carole Ann Colone, Deb Davis, Rona Barrett, Suzi Trubitz and Christi Schaeffer.  Thank you Luke Butcher at Butcher Snap Media for editing and producing this beautiful first trailer!

Be Strong, Be Brave, Be YOU!

Shine on!






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