Las Cruces, 18 Wheeler

Raw from the Road, Las Cruces, April 12, 2017


18 Wheeler

Oh, my cargo

My precious cargo

I transport you from state to state

How in the world could I lose you in Nebraska?

Such a flat road, a light load

My precious cargo

My precious cargo

Robbie Kaye


Baja, California
April is poetry month.
Easter is also in April.
Las Cruces (the crosses) is a collection of photographs of roadside crosses and poems.

While driving through the Southwest on a road trip across America, I was struck by the crosses that were a haunting part of the highway landscape.

I knew of them as descansos – a Spanish term used to describe a resting place. It was derived a long time ago, when there were no motorized vehicles and pallbearers on the way to their one-way journey left a cross at their resting place.

As I drove by these sacred memorials I couldn’t help thinking about what might have happened?

What were the stories attached to these crosses?

Who were the people?

How did they die?

Who did they leave behind?

Continuing on the road trip, I drove through Canyonlands and Bryce Canyon and spent the next day and a half writing in my car.

I imagined voices of the people who had lived their last breath along these roads and what they might have been saying and began writing as fast as I could to keep up with what I imagined they would say.

These ‘voices’ became poems of Las Cruces (the crosses).

I believe the emotions these crosses evoke in me are universal.

We can’t help but think of our own mortality and the lives that might have been; the people left behind…these crosses are reminders that life is precious.

I will be sharing some of these ‘resurrected’ images and poems from this body of work for the next few days.

I started this project in 2001 and still take photographs of these beautiful memorials.

Whether they are small or simple, or grand and elaborate, they still speak to me.

Is there something in your life, a book project, any project, plans for a trip that you have stored away and would like to resurrect?

It’s fulfilling to dust off and uncover something that was and still is dear and bring it to light… to life again.

It feels good to remember…

Now’s a good time shine your light.


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