Day 13 – Vacation Bound

Lying on my bed, showered and almost all packed. The dogs know something’s up, they’re sticking close to us. We tell them that we’re coming back…and then I think that there is always a chance we aren’t or at least I’m not. It’s not morose, it’s reality and mostly, it reminds me of how precious today is.

I’ve decided to not do social media while I’m away. Maybe a very little , but I really want to be present for myself and my family and the experience. We found out there might be a lot of thunder storms so I’m planning to do a lot of meditating and spiritual work…which I happily welcome. You just can’t argue with Mother Nature and I wouldn’t want to.

I’ll be writing a blog or posted pics here and probably occasionally on FB, but maybe not – it’s obvious I’m conflicted about this. I think a little vacation from that will be good too.

Until tomorrow – where I’ll be posting either from an airport or Key West.


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