Raw From The Road, September 14, 2016


What each must seek in his life never was on land or sea. It is something out of his own unique potentiality for experience, something that never has been and never could have been experienced by anyone else. 

Joseph Campbell





Here I come to save the day!!!!

There was a great cartoon TV show called, “Underdog” that I used to watch religiously when I was a little kid.  And in the opening song, the lyrics were, “Here I come to save the day… Underdog!”

It’s funny, the references that come in to mind when working personal ‘stuff’ out.

I’ve been in the emotional laboratory lately, and as my coach says, going deep and while in the trenches, discovered that I’ve been living my life like underdog.

I wanted to save the day and rescue people, heck, I was a junior lifeguard!

Recently it occurred to me that my need, subliminal or otherwise, to rush in and make it ‘better’ (as if I could) for others was not just about rescuing ‘them.’

I realized that for a very long time I have wanted someone to rescue me, sit me down and tell me what’s good for me, how do make my life better, how to succeed.

However,  when I think of someone actually doing this, and I have received plenty of advice and counsel along the way, it was still a matter of whether I was ready to hear it or ready to take action…which I wasn’t.

And… being a sort of underdog, I wanted to save all the underdogs, every one of them.  But there was someone missing that I needed to save… And it wasn’t Penelope. (Watch the cartoon!)

So after spending some time on delving deep, while I worked on my new business, I have begun to see the correlation to self-love and success.  That it’s difficult to have one without the other.

I believe I’ve thrown out the life preserver and this time… To me.  Yikes!  Me!

How can I really help someone else, if I can’t help myself?

It ain’t easy… I have to stop myself and think about it when I see or hear about a situation that I want to make better, stop myself from rushing in or thinking, “What can I do to make this all better?”

That addictive behavior kicks in and kicks out most of my rational thinking.

So at the suggestion of my coach, I am training my addiction to take care of ‘me.’ And the more I do, the more everything else comes together.

Of course, I will always be supportive in any way I can, that’s a given. And if someone wants or needs my help, all they have to do is ask.

But my unrequested rescuing days are numbered and no Dudley Do-Right to come and save me either.

I am so close to opening my online store, “Treads on Threads” and can’t wait to share more about that with you.

Meanwhile, take care of you, rescue you.  Underdogs Unite!

Tread lightly…



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