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Raw From The Road, March, 22, 2016

Happy Spring Solstice!

If I’m sincere today, what does it matter if I regret it tomorrow?”

Jose Saramago


Dear Fellow Art and Life Enthusiast,

It’s time for change, specifically when it comes to my communications here, where you used to receive letters with news and happenings from my career.

Ever feel like you’ve been sitting behind the curtain waiting for the grand opening, the perfect time, the right time to open it up? Me too!

However, the ballots are in and the conclusion is that there is no better moment than right now.

It’s time to overcome such hurdles as embarrassment, fear and that pesky thing we call rejection. Who doesn’t love Puff the magic dragon? I do!

It’s that “other” dragon or dragons that will be slayed. Sound drastic?

Well, isn’t it always drastic when we decide to take that giant leap to create change and follow our dreams?

Seems that taking little steps has produced little results and when there are big dreams involved, big steps are most likely the ones needed to get there.

About once or twice a week, you will receive missives about this artst’s quest to break the mold she has created in the past, but now striving to reach a new plateau.

This new journey includes photographic designs and the collaboration between fine art and function.

No doubt, there will be struggle, growth, fun and success along this road and this invitation to join me is intended to inspire and share the excursion.

Hopefully, it will attract your comments and your experiences too, creating a forum of sorts.

Your inbox space will continue to be respected and sure, there will be those that do not want to receive more frequent correspondences from me and I understand if you choose to unsubscribe.

As always, I thank you for traveling with me thus far, for your support, which fuels my dreams and goals and I hope what I am writing will fuel yours as well.

So if you’re ready to jump in and share the ride with me please CLICK HERE so I can let you know when the new work is ready to be uncovered!

In this crazy, crazy world of ours, may you never forget the beauty within and throughout.

Be Brave, Be Strong, Be YOU!



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