Oh Grow Up!

Raw from the Road, June 14, 2016


Oh Grow Up!

If we fall, we don’t need self-recrimination or blame or anger – we need a reawakening of our intention
and a willingness to re-commit, to be whole-hearted once again.

Sharon Salzberg


Cathy Rigby, competitor in gymnastics in the 1968 summer olympics. She is one of my childhood idols, pictured here with her as Peter Pan, 2013

Oh grow up!

Do you ever say that to yourself?

How many times do you just want to tell someone to grow up when you think they’re acting like a child or babyish?

Remember when you were younger and you actually did say “grow up” to someone?

I do.

And these days, there is a person who I still say that to, from time to time.

I say to that person, really?  Are you really going to think that? Or say that?  Or run away from that?  Come on. How old are you?

And then I look in the mirror, and I remind myself that I am an adult now and as much as I would like to hold on to all those old protections and excuses, they just don’t hold up anymore.

The universe is asking me not only to grow up lately, but to show up.

I used to think that I was so fragile and couldn’t handle hearing about all the bad things in the world or things about people who were dealing with some dire issues.

I couldn’t handle constructive criticism either.

I was immature and wanted to shelter myself from the pain that I thought I couldn’t withstand.

I have some friends that are going through some major life challenges and I want to be there for them. Completely.

I now know that my pain has nothing to do with it. It is my fear, my fear of losing someone I love and that childish part of me thinks if I remove myself from the situation, it won’t hurt as much.

And you’re thinking, “how selfish” and I’m thinking, “how selfish” and so…. I am humbled and honored to be given the opportunity to show up for my loved ones.

It is a gift.

Gifts aren’t always material things, hardly; they are exchanges that touch the heart and soul and that doesn’t exclude my art.

Being “there” for people, whether creating an art project that inspires, or taking a friend to their procedure at the hospital, is crucial to my purpose and I’m grateful to have that privilege to help.

It’s also my purpose to express myself through my work, my art

And growing up??? That’s cool. Just remember, growing up is not growing old.


If it were, I wouldn’t be creating crazy colorful designs with tires and paint. Making things like I did at camp in arts and crafts when I was 5, ok 12, etc. etc…. you get the gist.

“If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I won’t grow up!” Peter Pan

BTW, Cathy Rigby was in her mid-sixties when she was in this show, flying around the stage doing acrobatics.  Not THAT’S inspiring!

Never too old, or too young for that matter, to fly, create and also, to reach out to your loved ones to help…

Be gentle with yourselves.

Be Brave, Be Strong, Be YOU!


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