Naked and Deep

Raw From The Road, May 31, 2016

Surely all art is the result of one’s having been in danger,

of having gone through an experience all the way to the end,

where no one can go any further.

Rainer Rilke

IJS, 60' Below, Key West, FL
IJS, 60′ Below, Key West, FL


Disclaimer: While I realize my family members may read this, I still want to share parts of my life, the ride I’ve been on – authentically.

Some nudity may be involved. However, being naked doesn’t always mean it’s about clothing removal.

Whew, now that that’s out there…. let’s dive in.

When I was in my 20’s I traveled to Cozumel, Mexico with a friend.

We had just gotten our scuba diving certificates and were ready to hit the open water in the Caribbean.

We decided, that while we were there, we would take the advanced scuba certification course.

This meant we would do a night dive, a search and recovery dive, a drift dive and take a written course.

As in our basic training, my friend and I continued with our banter that kept us in belly laughs and would inevitably make us stick out and attract the occasional sneer.

Even at 80 feet below, we were still laughing, breaking the seal on our masks and having to clear every few minutes.

We met people easily and though our Cozumel dive master was very serious, we even made him laugh too.

In fact, we all got along so well that one night we met him at the dance club, where we, you guessed it, danced and enjoyed some cocktails.

When we all went outside I learned that Fernando, our trusted dive-master, had a motorcycle.

I asked him to take me for a ride and he obliged.

It was dark when we took off from the club on the windy dirt road. No one was around. The stars were shining in the sky.

The motorcycle hummed and every now and then I could hear a nocturnal bird sing its song.

The humidity of the tropical breeze kissed my skin softly as we buzzed around the island and before I knew it, I couldn’t help but take my shirt off and hold my arms out to feel the air.

I was in ecstasy, intoxicated by the aroma of the tropics and the feeling of the wind on my partially naked body.

I don’t even know if Fernando knew I was topless on the back of his bike. It was so erotic, yet nothing was touching me, except the warm air.

I put my shirt back on and the ride was over but the thrill wasn’t and I get to relive it when I tell the story.

I feel the same adrenaline with every design I create, every photograph I make, I get a rush too and it is as if I am naked, void of negativity and protective thoughts.

With never really knowing if I got “the one” on my camera and mixing paint colors, hoping the design and colors will excite the viewer, the one who wears the art I am getting ready to launch, the mystery and desire create adrenaline for me.


Can’t wait to share THAT with you too.   Very soon!

(oh, and that story will probably be rated G)

As always, be gentle with yourself..

Be Brave, Be Strong, Be YOU!




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