I am Fashion

Raw from the Road, August 31, 2017


My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;
and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor,
and some style.

Maya Angelou


Camping at Jalama Beach


You may be wondering what in the hell does that mean? I am Fashion.

This morning I was thinking about who I am while drinking my coffee and perusing the latest discounts I am receiving from various stores for my birthday month.

I like to visit REI, the outdoor sports store and then go to Anthropologie the fashionable clothing store for women.

Then, I read an email I recently wrote to a group I am in. It contained explicative and humor.

Yesterday, when we all met, I was on the hot seat and was thinking about abandoning ship… not my life, just my career or what I perceived to be a lack of one and focusing on everything that was not exactly great about me.

It was one of those days and that’s who I was yesterday.

Today, not so much.

Full disclosure, I have not been feeling well physically but feel like I turned a corner today and no doubt, that feels better for my psyche as well.

Back to ‘fashion.”

When I walk into a clothing store, I try on different items.  Some I like. Some I don’t.

Some fit so amazingly… my body AND my soul and some feel like I am trying to look like someone else and inevitably I put it back on the rack.

Sometimes I am the crass New Yorker, the spiritual earth mother, the timid country girl, etc. etc……

It’s all so variable.

I asked myself who am I when I take off all these coverings, personas and situations?

And… I am happy to say, that my answer was this:

I am an extremely caring person, who believes in justice, integrity, mutuality, respect, love, humanity and taking care of all sentient beings and our environment.

I believe we are all connected.

I love to make things in art, music and sometimes in the kitchen.

I love being active, (that’s what we call it after age 55) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to laugh and be soooo silly. (Thus the photo above…which was taken after borrowing my husband’s clothes because I didn’t bring anything to wear for the hot weather while we were camping).

I love not giving a shit what other people think about me (which is not always the case, but I love it when I’m there!)

I love knowing that I am the creator of my energy and thoughts and that I can change that at the drop of a hat.

I love learning and growing, even when I see something ugly about myself in the mirror… I know that it is a chance for me to hone being whole and totally loving… to myself and others.

And that’s it…for now.

So if you need advice for fashion… obviously, I am not your girl.


However, if you need advice on loving yourself… I would say… when you take off whatever it is you are wearing, you are a beautiful being, filled with love to share and opportunities to grow from.

Let’s all be really gentle with ourselves, today and every day.


(Photo: Taken by Abi Hodes, Bloomingdales, NYC)


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