Constructive Criticism

Raw From The Road, May 31, 2017


Constructive Criticism


Photo by Skye Amber Poet

I like constructive criticism from smart people.



How I hated these two words when I was younger.

No one could tell me what to do or how to do it better.


All I heard was the word CRITICISM.

I was doing ‘it’ wrong. I was acting wrong and I didn’t do it ‘right.’

It took me many many years to allow constructive criticism into my life as a helpful asset.

Recently, a fellow colleague made a suggestion about my miniature photo collection.

She suggested that I carve out the space where the photos are mounted.

Great idea!

She prefaced her suggestion with “I hope you won’t mind some constructive criticism” and I didn’t mind at all.. in fact, I couldn’t wait to hear it.

Yesterday I ordered wood cutting tools and I can’t wait to experiment with the reclaimed wood and photographs.

This kind of feedback is so crucial to my creative path… I may not agree or take action with every piece of constructive criticism but I do take each suggestion these days very seriously.

I actually enjoy it and look forward to hearing feedback now…constructively.

I recently met with a long time mentor who gave me crucial feedback and ideas for “Deconstruction” (trailer) which I will share with you in another email.

She was terrifically instrumental in my Beauty and Wisdom project and again blew me away with her brainstorming and feedback.

Read more about Beauty and Wisdom on Lenscratch, a wonderful photography publication by an incredible mentor, teacher and photographer, Aline Smithson.

Collaboration doesn’t always look like a signed piece of paper with 2 signatures…

Sometimes; it’s about one person suggesting something to another…it can be life changing…or art changing…for the better.

Constructive criticism, when given from someone whose feedback you respect, and as a kind gesture, is really kind of cool and I’m so much happier being open to it.

I feel more trusting about a person who is honest enough to lend it… whether I make a change or not, I appreciate the honesty and caring about what I’m doing… or being.

If you’re in Los Angeles, stop by Beyond the Lines Gallery to see the Miniature Show, up until June 3rd, where 4 of my pieces are being displayed.

Stay tuned to see how the wood working goes… last time I tried it, the school nurse had to call my parents to come and get me… cut myself in woodworking class.

Time to rewrite that one.

Heck, why not rewrite them all?!



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