Be Quiet

Raw From The Road, March 10, 2017

Be Quiet

My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music, and silence.
Edith Sitwell
Lake Cachuma, CA

A friend of mine recently stopped by after her hike to the lake in our valley that is now filling up with water after many years of drought.

It is not quite where it should be but there is definitely a noticeable difference in the rise of it.

Inspired by my friend, I woke up with a strong pull to go to the lake too.

My husband, Luna and I jumped into the car and drove to Lake Cachuma.

The path was flooded so we had to go around it through the brush to find a way down to get closer to the water.

The ground was lush and blanketed with new green growth sprouting up like the first delicate hairs on a baby’s head.

We reached some large rocks and I sat on one.

Looking out I could see the mountains and green meadows in the distance.

Finally, I was still.



The only sound was the water meeting the side of the banks of the lake.

I was home.

The colors constantly changed in the sky and there was a thick line on the lake from the ray of an anxious sun, shining across the water that never quite broke out of the clouds.

Some blue poked through the thick grey sky that loomed above us when we first arrived… and then… a rainbow.

Sitting on that rock reminded me of the “Water Colors” series from reflections on a lake in the Sierras.

Doris lake, Sierra Mountains, CA

In order to capture the changing refection son the waterI had to be patient. So I waited, with my camera, ready for the next transformation of light and color.

It felt surprisingly easy to be still in the midst of nature, which is anything but.

Trees swaying, birds flying and cooing, ducks squawking and water lapping.

This series of images inspired designs which I incorporated in the  Limited Edition silk scarves.  (RoKa Silk Scarves)
Gypsy Rondo

I’m now designing sarongs from some of these images and can’t wait to share them with you!

My designer scarves and sarongs are now available at a local boutique in the Fess Parker Wine and Country Inn, Los Olivos, CA. If you’re not local you can still call the inn to order.

Can’t wait to get back to those beautiful Sierra mountains or to that rock by the lake and just be… in silence.

Hope you get to be still sometime soon too and enjoy the peace within.

For information regarding pricing and purchase.  Fill out the form below and Robbie will contact you with details.

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