All Over The Place

Raw from the Road, May 9, 2017


All Over The Place

We adore chaos because we love to produce order. 
M. C. Escher


Beautiful Chaos



All over the place.


Yep that’s me.


I’m all over the place. And today, I am embracing my all over the place-ness.

Sometimes it trips me up when people ask me, “What kinds of photography do you do” or what kind of music do you play?”

They’re just asking a question out of curiosity and all the self-conscious computing is taking place in my sometimes over-thinking brain.

So… finally…I’ve come up with this.

I  love that I am all over the f****** place… most of the time.

I don’t photograph just one kind of image and I don’t play or listen to just one type of music.

If I am mediocre in several areas of the arts, so be it… I choose it over boredom and what might become rote.

I play classical, jazz, country (if I have to), R&B, show tunes, my own tunes and any tune that makes me feel good or challenges me.

I photograph trees, people, landscapes, cityscapes, flowers, my feet, your feet, anybody’s feet and shoes if it moves me. I love photographing shoes.

I love creating narratives around subjects that mean something to me whether it’s ageism, feminism, self-exploration, psychology, philosophy, imperfection, my own mainly.

And sometimes, I really love photographing the preposterous… whether it’s getting my subjects to sit mostly naked in a salon chair in the middle of nowhere, photographing the human body to compare to the similarity in nature… or sitting in front of a cracked mirror taking selfies for almost 2 years… I love it all.

I love vibrant color photographs. I love black and white photographs. I love photographing the ocean, the desert, mountains, cars, hands, older people, babies and so on and so on.

While this all may seem chaotic and too diversified, there truly comes a time when it comes together and I create a series from most of the photographs I take.

All I have to do is trust the process and stop trying so damn hard to do just one thing.

I’ve given up trying to fit into a category.

I am an artist and I love creating art. Whether it is fine art painting, photographs, music, mixed media… I love it all and I do it all because it fulfills my soul and feels purposeful.

I also love philosophy, self-discovery, psychology and I’m excited to allow the convergence of it all without categorizing myself.

Next week I have the privilege of guest posting for Color Services in Santa Barbara on their Instagram site, which is kind of what set this off.

I thought about what to post. Should it be thematic? What series should I share? And they said I can post anything I’d like to post.

And this led me to the resolve that I will share a sample of my work and not limit myself to one thing and certainly, not one place.

Hope you will visit me @colorservices on instagram starting on the 15th, for the whole week. (I just may post one of those almost naked people in a salon chair!) Ok, I’m definitely posting from the Salon Chair Diaries!




Thanks for sharing the journey!











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