Day 8 – She’s a Rainbow (Rolling Stones)

A few years ago, an exhibit of my black and white photography was coming down and I had no idea where I would store it.  We had a spare room so I decided to paint it light green and hang the photos in there. Soon after,
I decided that I wanted to paint our dining room “terra cotta” and with my husband’s blessings, we did. Before I knew it, with my husband’s help, I had painted every room in our house (except the second bathroom, which was already painted) a different color…terra cotta, purple, cranberry… and I felt like we really created our own home… making it colorful and cozy.  Here, these tulips looked so beautiful in front of the dining room wall… light coming in from the window… I couldn’t have asked for a better back drop.

I think it’s important to make our space our own, even if we rent it… it’s still ours, temporarily and I guess when all is said and done, it’s all temporary.


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