What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head.
All the time.
That story makes you what you are.
We build ourselves out of that story.
Patrick Rothfuss

Magic, Resin and Acrylic Paint, from the book, Endurance

We all have a story because we all are made up of stories.

Happy, sad, tragic, miraculous, fantastic stories.

Most of us want to tell our story.

On the stage of life, sometimes, we all vie for the microphone to tell our story, eager to share it.

I definitely enjoy telling my story, if not through photography and painting, then through words.

I find that when I listen to another person’s story, that’s when I feel enlightened in some way…richer, more a part of the infrastructure of life.

Yet, here I am, relaying my stories, wondering if they matter? Asking myself, “who would want to hear my story?”

Of course, all of our stories matter… to someone… to me.

Often, I find myself relating to someone else’s story… not always the whole of the story, but some part of it and listening can be so powerful or reassuring.

What attracted me to the trees in Endurance was their obvious fortitude, their story of longevity.

Documenting them almost everyday…at sunrise, sunset and in all seasons, I became familiar with their branches and the background.

It felt like a natural evolution to start painting them with resin and acrylics.

I started painting a very large piece, 4×6 ft, with the intention of adding “Solitude” but when I finished painting the background the piece looked complete. I wanted to stop and remember that sunrise, as well as the tree. It is called, “Solitude Unseen.”

They endure, we endure…not so different.

They are old…and stories from our elders are the best stories…from a time that we can only imagine.

Solitude, in a reclaimed wood frame that my husband created.
It is one of the trees featured in Endurance.

On June 24th, at 3 PM – as I shared in my last email, I’ll be sharing a video and telling the story of the trees at The Wildling Museum in Solvang, CA.

If you’re interested, I hope you’ll check out my new book, “Endurance, Solitude, Magic and Majesty.”  If you do, please leave a review, I’d love to know your thoughts… and your stories…they matter.

The official launch is June 25th, but the book is available for pre-release from my subscribers HERE. 

The first 15 sales from my subscribers will receive a free signed 8×8 print, so if you purchase it, please email your address (robbie@elaineg47.sg-host.com)  so I can send you a print of “Majesty” (Image below)

I will be donating 10% of book sales to the Nature Track Organization. Their volunteers take kids on hikes and teach kids how to be respectful stewards of the natural land. Learn more HERE.

Much of the talk on the 24th talk will be on FB Live on my Robbie Kaye Studio page as well as The Wildling Museum page.

You can peruse the first 15 pages hereto get a glimpse of the book, prose and photographs.
After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.
Philip Pullman

I will be unveiling “Solitude Unseen” at my talk this Sunday.  I’ll post it in my next email along with the video… for now, it’s a surprise.  After the reveal, I am so happy to share that you will be able to see that piece and others in the “Haute for Haiti” auction. Click ->  Helping Women In Haiti for more info about gorgeous art and a very meaningful cause.

In the meantime, share you stories….share your love and I hope you remember to ask an elder to tell a story and share the joy!

Love and Light on your path,



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