Cracked, Reflections of Imperfection

Raw From the Road, August 15, 2018

Cracked, Reflections of Imperfections

It’s those bare, unguarded moment that the viewer is invited into in these
evocative photos. The intimacy is compelling, irresistible.
Those small moments reverberate inside.

Not small at all.

The very substance of life.

Excerpted from the foreword written by Salley Knight for Cracked



As I shared last time, the first book, Endurance (Solitude, Magic and Majesty) was published in June.

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting the new book at The Wildling Museum.

You can view the video I shared about the book HERE, thanks to Christina Neferis who directed and edited the piece. (special appearance by Luna)

Today Cracked, the second book in the trilogy, Robbie Kaye, Vol I, was published.

Full transparency, it’s 80 pages combining photos and prose and the price is $22.

There… now I’ve promoted it. (No hard sell here!)

Cracked, presents a photographic foray into imperfection… my own.

I was grateful to have Salley Knight, a fellow artist and author, write the foreword for the book.

In addition, my former mastermind art coach, Martin Stellar, wrote such a great blurb for the book, I’d like to share it now with you as it truly conveys the concept of Cracked and the nuttiness that exists in my mind in all this searching for self:

        “As succinctly as I can: “Keep it real”. That’s what I’d reply if you’d ask me to say something about Robbie.

She has a relentless drive – and an uncanny ability – to return to the essence of things. To strip something of all the opinions, judgments and consider only what is real about it.

And that’s where it gets interesting.

Because over the last two years or so, I coached Robbie and we became close friends – and I got to witness the extent and depth to which this individual is able to ‘look in the mirror’. You know: see yourself for what you are… face the demons under the surface… and to explore to scary-deep levels of what actually makes you tick.

Looking in the mirror and seeing what is real about yourself. Robbie does that.

Afraid at times, kicking and screaming at others, but never prepared to stop exploring and inquiring as to the fundamental question: “Who am I, really?”

This book shows you a glimpse into the result of those inquiries. Obviously not as broadly and deeply as I was privileged to witness, but attentive readers – those who can read between the lines and ‘see between (through?) the cracks’ – will savor the very private look into the life and mind of this magnificent artist.”

~Martin Stellar

I thank you with love, Martin.

And to all of you who read this, I hope you are getting that freeing feeling of seeing your imperfections, with love and humor.

For me, those times are still fleeting… but when I own them, laugh at them and let go… well…those are the moments I am most free.

You can buy the book HERE.  If you do, I hope you enjoy it and let me know your thoughts. I am always interested to hear about how you might relate to the work I share.

In love and imperfection,


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