This is a dream, right?

Laugh as much as possible, always laugh.
It’s the sweetest thing one can do for oneself & one’s fellow human beings.
–Maya Angelou

This is a Dream, Right?
Wake me up! Wake me up!
But wait…. Aren’t we all waking up?  
In the midst of this pandemic, there appears to be a lot of waking up.
People not taking people and things for granted. People reaching out to help not only their own, but to strangers from different states and countries…. Like Intellihelp.
We are all being called to re-evaluate… our jobs, careers, relationships and of course, our health.  We are rethinking so many things… our minds all like snow globes, just shaken with fervor. 
I asked myself how can I help and make a difference in all of this? Can I use my work, aside from whatever assistance I am giving personally?  I was reminded that art and beauty, particularly now, can play a big part in the healing right now.  
Since people are stranded in their homes, I could offer images that soothe or that make them feel good to look at. As of now, there are 10 images and I will be personally signing, printing and shipping them to you. 

Fiji BLues, 8.5 x 11, Limited Edition, $125

These images are a Limited Edition of 20, with the first 10 being offered at a lower cost than the 10 remaining in the edition. Each image is printed on beautiful photo paper, either Hahnemuhle metallic rag (color images) or Epson exhibition fiber paper (black and white images) with archival ink.

Drama in the Country, 8.5 x 11, Limited Edition Print, $125

I mentioned Intellihelp above. This is a FB group I joined, and it was started by a very special man whom I studied marketing with, Ron Lynch. It is now over 40k strong, with people out there helping people who are in need of basics, food, diapers, hygiene products, etc. If you or someone you know, no matter where you live, needs assistance with household necessities, please go to THIS FB PAGE and reach out with the hashtag #ask. 
With your purchase of these prints (click HERE), I/we can continue to help more people and I can continue creating artwork to share. A percentage of sales will be directly and happily donated to Intellihelp. 
At this time, I would like to inform my collectors, who saw and purchased my works from Brittany Davis Gallery, that the gallery will no longer be open in Ojai as the owner has decided to close it and possibly will open another gallery in another location sometime down the road. I am extremely grateful to BDG for representing my work this last year and look forward to possibly working together again in the future. 
My artwork can now be purchased and commissioned via my website, or you can contact me directly via email,
For now, please be gentle with yourselves, breathe deeper, meditate more, walk in nature more (if you can) and love each other more… we truly are all connected.
Stay safe and healthy and keep shining your beautiful light,

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