A Day at the Orchard

Sometimes I need some solitude.  It’s a well known myth, amongst my friends and family anyway, that I am an extrovert.  I am not.  I am … a closet recluse!  Seriously, I definitely am learning more and more about myself and my need for solitude.  It’s really not because I’m antisocial as I like to joke about, it’s about the fact that I am extremely social that requires me to refuel, otherwise, I burn out and I’m not good for anyone.  I was planning on a quiet night home, while my friends and my husband went to a film festival in Santa Barbara, when I was invited to join a friend and her daughter to pick pomegranates on their olive orchard.  Remember, my roots are from NY, so these kinds of things are still quite novel to me….  I thought about it and while I vowed to be solitary, the ride to the country and the easy company, accompanied by the opportunity to photograph some new land, really inspired me, so I went.   I’m so glad I did. It was just what the ‘head’ doctor ordered.  Easy connection, beautiful environment and I even got to pull some olives off for harvesting.  I couldn’t help but take it all in and breath more deeply than I had been. We grabbed dinner on the way back at funky little restaurant and by the time I got home, I was rejuvenated.  Sometimes, I have to promise myself that I will not make social plans during the week… I don’t get enough work done and then I get mad at myself.  I guess it’s like everything else, finding balance.  Here are a few images from my time at the orchard.  If you are feeling overwhelmed too, please take a minute to stop, breathe and get into nature somewhere… or just look at these images and picture yourself there!    Be brave, be strong, be you!  Happy Halloween!  xo Robbie

ADayAtTheOliveOrchard_13 ADayAtTheOliveOrchard_23 ADayAtTheOliveOrchard_51 ADayAtTheOliveOrchard_8


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