Day 24 – The Georgian Sessions Continue

For the last few months I have had the pleasure of meeting with gallery owner, Jeanie Madsen.  It all started when I sent her an email a couple of years ago to let her know that I really appreciated her tenacity in her marketing and her constancy in supporting art and artists.  It took us two years to finally get together and when we did, it was synchronicity.  There aren’t many people I can talk philosophy with in addition to art, but with Jeanie, it flowed easily and before too long we realized that we were on similar paths in our lives and each session was one of depth, exploration and fun.  Since that first meeting at The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica, we have met there many times… and each time, I look forward to it.  I walk away so much richer than when I arrived and I get to take away an inspiration that lasts quite a while.  I value these times and don’t take them for granted and realize what a sacred gift it is… truly.  Jeanie is a great supporter of Beauty and Wisdom and has shared other projects of similar nature.  Working together will be secondary and will come so easily…and after many months of meditating on attracting great people to work with… so it is.  She is quite the visionary.


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