Treading On…

October will be an amazing month for Treads and Treads on Threads.  My first showing of the paintings will be on October 13th at the beautiful Honey Paper, Gallery and Studio, in Los Olivos, CA.  On October 15th, I will have a booth set up to create one of kind treads at Los Olivos, Day in the Country and will have the new online store for Treads on Threads ready to go. People can bring a garment and get a discount, plus a one of kind design on a piece of clothing they already love! I will be set up in front of Honey Paper in downtown Los Olivos.  Michelle Castle, artist and owner of Honey Paper, has been an incredible support of this work and I am fortunate to have these opportunities for this work.  She wrote a beautiful blog and I am happy to share it with you HERE.


Wild Flowers, Robbie Kaye, From the Collection, “Treads”


Below is my artist statement to give you a little more information about this new work.  While it is a new medium, I am still photographing and designing for this project.

Treads is my rubber soul. As a kid, I loved riding motorcycles. As an adult, I love being on their backs, wind in my face and the thrill of going fast. Now I create and paint designs with motorcycle tires. As I produce each design, I wonder…where has this tire traveled? I imagine somewhere beautiful and an exhilarating ride; then I feel exhilarated too, as I imprint my own life with this evolving adventure. Whether I am creating designs for clothing or making fine art with tires, I feel as though I’ve just completed another great ride on that wide-open road. 




For information regarding pricing and purchase.  Fill out the form below and Robbie will contact you with details.

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