The Beauty and Wisdom Book is Here!!!

Pre-order your copy here! Just click on “The Book” below.

It will give me great pleasure to send your signed book on the November 20th release date.

Below is the Robbie Kaye Autumn Newsletter.  Please let me know if you would like to receive these… I send newsletters out about 2-3 times a year.

It’s been a wild year… a ride like no other. As in all of our lives, there have been many changes in mine, including moving to the country.  I love it here.  I am more inspired than ever and have been meeting the most welcoming and amazing people.  I get to wake up and hear the roosters, smell the horses and still get a cup of fine coffee at the local cafe, Valley Grind.

Meanwhile, in this sometimes crazy and nutty world of ours, it makes me happy to have some exciting good news to share with you.

The Beauty and Wisdom book will be released on November 20th and PRE-ORDERING is available right now. (Details are below)

I am delighted to share that Beauty and Wisdom will be exhibited at The Griffin Museum in Boston next year. The exhibit will be up from March 20 – May 11 and the opening will be March 27th, 2014.  If you’re in Boston I hope to see you.

On another note – I gave my first IPhone photography and editing workshop here in Santa Ynez. It was so rewarding to see people get excited about what they can create with their phones by learning a few tools. I love sharing what I’ve learned and it feels so good to know that more people out there will be creating beauty and sharing it as well. Like I said, in this sometimes nutty world, there is beauty to be realized, even in the most unsuspecting places, and I find that very comforting. More workshops are in the works!

Here are the details about the book and pre-release book party.

Pre-order  HERE  to get a signed copy sent directly to you.  They will be shipped on the release date, November 20th.

The book contains many photographs and 20 essays from women all over the country.
(You can also pre-order the book from my website  – go to ‘works’ then Beauty and Wisdom).

On November 20th the book will be available on join me for the Beauty and Wisdom photography installation and  pre-release book party on Saturday, November 16th, 3:30-7:30 pm
right here in my new home town in the country. If you’re longing for art, wine and beautiful country, this is the place. Limited promotional copies of the book will be available for signing.

Outpost Trading Company
3547 Sagunto St.
Santa Ynez, CA

Join us for complimentary local wine and savory appetizers.

After 4 years  in the making – I’m ready to celebrate!

Wishing you all a season full of beauty and wisdom.

Until next time,




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