Got Snow?

One thing that I will always be connected to is… snow. Ever since I experienced my first ‘snow day’ I have fallen in love with the soft white flakes falling from the sky. They’re beautiful and glistening and as a kid they invited me to go outside, take a day off school, feel the adrenaline rush of sledding and then skiing. What’s not to like???

The Grand Tetons, Jackson, WY

Every year we pay homage to the snow. We drive or fly just to see it, be in it. This year we didn’t get to experience snow but I’m still hoping we might. Perhaps that’s why I created ‘Snowed In?”

“Snowed In” 36 x 36 Inches, Acrylic on Wood

All my friends and family on the east coast know how much I love the snow and as soon as it snows I get to live vicariously through them. They send me photos and videos and I revel in the sight.

My little girl, Luna, loves the snow too!

One year I took Luna to Mt. Hood, OR

There’s something about the snow that just makes me feel excited like a kid, like I did a very long time ago. I hope I never lose that. I have the mosts amazing memories of snow in NYC, meeting my friends for hot cocoa and walks through Central Park… such a wonderful memory.

So it makes sense that I would channel my love for snow, until I get to see it and be in it again.

“Snowed In”

I hope wherever you are… if you have snow that you are enjoying it. Please make a snow angel for me!!

Stay warm and cozy,



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