Day 3 – I Got The Music in Me!

 Day 3.

What a perfectly sculpted piece of art… created by nature.
Today, I thought about letting go and how constricted I have been in so many ways. Depriving myself of some things that I know fill my soul with joy and excitement and one of those things is dancing.  On my way home from my walk I was listening to Pandora again, but today they were playing spa-like music, and while I love that kind of music, I was hoping to hear something “groovier” that would get my heart pumping ( you know, like the Miami Vice theme).  I was two blocks away and I had just taken this photo of the cactus and I just went into my play list and first thing I saw was from the Girls Night In mix which was mostly 70’s dance tunes. 

So I turned up the volume and started listening to Lady Marmalade and I felt a jolt of energy and started skipping home and by the time I got home I was ready to really boogie.  My husband was at the sink in the kitchen with his earphones in.  He took them out and I took mine out and plugged my phone into the speakers in our dining room and just started dancing in the kitchen and he joined me and there we were, jumping around, dancing in the kitchen and having so much fun!    The next song that came on was a Kiki Dee  I Got The Music In Me  and as I was dancing and listening to the words I was in total bliss, “I’m never frightened or worried, I know I’ll always get by.”  – “When something gets in my way I go around it”  and finally…. I got the music in me.  

I invite you to try it… just click on the links and shake your booty!  We all have the music in us!!


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