Master of Distraction

The longer I live the more I experience how connected we all are energetically. Lately, I’ve been concentrating on focusing on one thing at a time since I’ve come to the conclusion that doing a lot of things at the same time doesn’t get me very far. The more I express this to my friends and acquaintances, the more I hear them mirror back the same findings. It’s as if we all got the memo: Cut out the distraction!!  Skeleton_ForWeb

In the world of growing technology and at your fingertips kind of culture, it’s so incredibly easy to get distracted and for people like me, who already got distracted, it makes it even more of a challenge. But, I have been up against many challenges in my life and I am determined to kick the habit. Yes, it is a habit. Even now, while I’m writing this I just had a thought that I needed to call my dad and tell him something and my eyes glanced over at my phone which is laying alluringly beside my keyboard (to my iPad) and my impulse is to stop what I am doing, pick up the phone and call this instant.

I know I am the only one who experiences this, or at least, it feels that way (insert New York sarcasm here). Seriously, it really is like an addiction and if I didn’t already have 42 other ideas for projects I would become a teacher (first a learner of how to cut it out!) and teach others how to live a relatively distractionless life. Basically, for me anyway, distraction = destruction.

Like my electronics around me, I have made myself so accessible to others, that I now find myself in a whirlwind of confusion and I find myself constantly saying “where was I?” I’m not saying that people are a distraction in my life, I’m saying that me not taking care of me and staying focused is a distraction. And maybe I am saying that my social life can be a distraction if it is not balanced. Pus, if I’m so distracted from myself, it does get more difficult for me to be preens for others, and that is really really important to me. Surely, this is no different than other learned habit and could benefit from some seriously motus operandi interruptis! Remember when your record used to skip in a certain place? That’s how this feels and in order for me to move the needle over, I am going to have to learn and MASTER some new and improved habits. Don’t get me wrong, I get a lot done, but I imagine that when I am less distracted all that I could really get done and achieve and share if I diminished the things that I allow to pull me away in my life.

I once read a great book by Steven Pressfield called The war of Art and I was really motivated after that… It’s a book about procrastination which we know really boils down to fear. Fear of success, fear of failure fear of realizing that what we are doing is not what we really want to do and lots of other reasons we come up with, subconsciously or otherwise, to get in our own way. Of course, I am talking about myself here…but. Hoping that one or two of you out there can relate and also want to make the change from distraction to attraction and ultimately walk a more peaceful path. It’s chaotic and not grounded to always be juggling so many things that at some point, you feel like walking away from it all because it’s too difficult to manage.

BenchPathI will be sharing my process of this as I work with mentors and coaches and me and I welcome your processes too. My goal is not to condemn technology as it is a very big part of our culture now, it is to balance it and use it wisely as I search for more balance and calm on my path. I hope you will join me in mastering distraction, so that it doesn’t get in our way and again, share your experiences too so we all can learn together.


Be Brave, Be Strong, Be YOU!




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