Love You vs I Love You

I don’t know if it’s because we are approaching the month of love, but I’ve been wondering about the nuances of how we tell each other we love each other.  Did we take the “I” out of “I love you” when texting came into view or was it the fast paced world that got faster and we just got “too busy” to say “I” love you so we now say at the end of a conversation or salutation, “Love you.”  I remember in junior high or high school we’d write each other notes and at the end we would write “love ya.”  And then as we got older we started expressing love in a more intimate way and said, I love you.  I realize I’m at risk here because I might come across as a stickler for the word “I” or some kind of control freak (which I have been accused of before!) however, I was just wondering if anyone else misses the whole phrase of the expression, ‘I love you’ and when did it become fashionable to take out the “I”?  How does it make you feel when someone says,”love ya”, as opposed to “I love you”? Do you feel different?

GreenHeartsSquaredI definitely feel more vulnerable when I say ‘I love you’, than when I say, ‘love you’ at the end of a conversation, but it feels important to me, to express that it is indeed “I” that loves you… and in all honesty, these days, some times I feel self-conscious about saying it as such…. as if saying “I love you” is weird but saying “love you” is not and perhaps more casual?  Of course, I believe that we all express our love in different ways and I honor that. Again, I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this cultural change and what your feeling is about it?


I love you.

Love you.

Love ya!


Be Brave, Be Strong, Be YOU!



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