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Raw from the Road, May 23, 2017

Now Trending

The need for an empty space, a pause, is something we have all felt in our bones;
 it’s the rest in a piece of music that gives it resonance and shape.
Pico Iyer




Do you notice how many emails you are getting with the word “trending” in the heading.

I got one today and at first I thought, “There goes the media again trying to get us on the wagon and join in.”

And then… I thought about the words literally. “Now” “trending” and if they just took away the rest of the words (and email) it would be an outreach to trend in the ‘now.’

Ironically, I am noticing a trend in the art of being in the ‘now’ lately, more than ever.

I heard it referred to as ‘the this’ in a wonderful interview from Krista Tippet and Marie Howe, former New York poet laureate on “On Being.” Worth a listen!

Recently I went to see a talk with Liz Gilbert, author of Big Magic and Eat pray Love.

Pico Iyer interviewed her that night and after, when I got to the table in the lobby of the theater to buy an autographed book by Liz, another book as well spoke to me and it was The Art of Stillness by Pico Iyer.

As I read more about his philosophy and his conversations with Leonard Cohen I instantly fell in love with his work.

“Going nowhere, as Cohen describes it, was the grand adenture that makes sense of everywhere else.”

Sitting still as a way of falling in love with the world and everything in it; I’d seldom thought of it like that. Going nowhere as a way of cutting through the noise and finding fresh time and energy to share with others; I’d sometimes moved toward the idea, but it had never come home to me so powerfully as in the example of this man who seemed to have everything, yet found his happiness, his freedom, in giving everything up.” (Excerpt from The Art of Stillness, Pico Iyer)

Pico is referring to Leonard Cohen and his choice in retreating to a monastery instead of continuing with a successful music career.

If there’s one trendy band wagon I’d feel really good about getting on, it’s this one, the ‘now’ wagon.

There are others out there too, starting to teach and incorporate the art of doing less and taking time to slow down to be a little more present in their lives, while still creating productive and healthy lives.

Even the gurus who have been teaching people how to become ‘super’ achievers and ‘high’ performers… are now getting into… ‘now.’

I’m not suggesting that we all stop what we’re doing and do nothing.

Or am I?

Hope to see you somewhere on the wagon!


PS: Just before my 50th birthday I had the Tibetan symbol for the word “now” tattooed on my lower back.  It was a cool idea… but would have been better if I could regularly see it to remind me.


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