Love, Loss, Learning and 70

I get now what Billy Joel meant when he sang, “Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes.”  However, I don’t think we’re ever prepared to say good-bye… so often, as it seems to be the case lately. Ever since my stepmother passed away only a month and a half ago, I have been hearing about others losing loved ones so frequently, it’s eerie.  I know, and stress the word “know” as in intellectually, that loss is a part of life.  I just am still adjusting to the experience of it as I have been very fortunate to have not experienced it all that much until now. 

This morning, while staring out into the trees and listening to the birds, I tried to make sense of it all and the only thing I could think of was that when so much loss enters our lives, we are being given the opportunity(test?) to expand our hearts and the amount of love in them so we can comfort others and also ourselves in the process of grieving and letting go. 

Sometimes I feel that by choosing to move house and create change, that I opened Pandora’s box and now everything seems to be changing, which is cool because that is what I wanted (obviously).  I just feel a little out of control every now and then… and then I stop and breathe and relax into the uncertainty of it all… and that’s one thing that for sure is certain. that it is all uncertain!

I think it’s good timing to introduce the book that is coming out September 12th at this time since it is about the privilege of living to and through the age of 70. I had the honor of contributing to this book and I can’t wait to read what the other contributors wrote. Now, more than ever, I really feel that it is such a gift – to be here and experience all of life for that long.  I believe it is also a reminder to live each day fully so that we can enjoy those years in good health and happiness. 

Stay tuned… I met a woman here in town who is 91 and runs the local Antique store…she has more energy than Richard Simmons on amphetamines! She makes me smile and I just love her.  Can’t wait to introduce you to Lee. 

The book will be available on,,, and   Can’t wait!


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