Good Grief!

Raw From The Road, March 21, 2017

Good Grief!

Lucy, from Charlie Brown
Light in the Dark, Taos, NM
Good Grief!

Maybe Charlie Brown was on to something?

Good grief can lead to change.

Good grief can lead to self-honesty, contemplation and even revelation.

And…good grief can lead to good art.

When I’m in the grieving process, sometimes I channel that feeling into my art, I create songs, paintings, poems and photographs.

Some pieces are dark, some are black and white and some are beautiful love songs born of a desire for just that… love.

Sometimes, I create bright and vibrant pieces to counteract the grief I am feeling.

Click on Image for the short Video of “The Making of Passionata”
Some examples of well-known people that may have created from their grief are Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Amy Winehouse, Lennon and McCartney, who forged their creative partnership following the death of their respective mothers.

Milton penned Paradise Lost after losing his wife, his daughter and his eyesight.

So many more have transcended their suffering through art and we now have that art to enjoy and love.

No one wants or desires the grieving process. It’s painful and it sucks.

But good grief, without it, would we recognize all that we have to be grateful for or would we have that depth to pour into whatever we are doing… whether it’s creative, artistically or not?

Would we entertain the idea of doing something drastically different?

Sometimes I let my grief get the best of me and I indulge myself in a pity party and that gets me through that part of the process.

Then it’s time to move on to the productive process of grief, the one that fuels change and perhaps, beautiful art.

Be brave, be strong, be YOU!

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