Focusing, the art of humor and Amy Schumer.

Last week was a very productive week for me.  I am starting a new business and monitoring some other projects, but mostly focusing on this one new biz.  I have been studying the work of Brendon Burchard and it has changed my life exponentially.

I watch his videos, take his online courses and in February I will be attending his High Performance Academy seminar in San Diego.  Sounds serious, right?  Well, it is on one hand, and on the other…

Also last week, I sat down to watch a Brendon Burchard video, as that is what I have written down on my productivity sheet, which helps me to stay focused.  I turned on my computer and went to the youtube channel to watch “How to be more focused.” On this page there are videos from people that I like to watch, other self-growth teachers, etc.  With in a couple of seconds, my eyes drifted down to the bottom of the page and I there was a video with Amy Schumer (my fave!) on David Letterman.  I glanced back up at the “How to be more focused” video and then BA!  I clicked on the Amy Schumer video, where I proceeded to watch not one, but 3 short videos of her (at the UK awards ceremony).  I HAD to laugh at myself, to myself at the bizarre irony of it all… and then, I actually did watch the video on “How to be more focused” and learned some very valuable tools. I acknowledged being human, fallible and also flexible.  I didn’t watch other videos for an hour, maybe 10 minutes and for me, every now and then, if I stray for a few minutes and get back on course, that’s ok.  As a recovering imperfect perfectionist, this is real growth.

Self-Portrait, Williamsburg, NY, 2003

For your enjoyment here is the link for the video of Amy Schumer.   For your self-growth and fulfillment in life here is a link to How to Stay Focused, by Brendon Burchard.  I think a combination of these two things is pretty healthy and staying focused, at least for me, brings me so much fulfillment and joy because I get to feel on purpose with my life and the contribution I want to make.


Have a beautiful Sunday!


Be Brave, Be Strong, Be You!



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