Spring Forward

‘Solitude Unseen’ 4 x 6 Ft. Resin on Aluminum – Transported safely from Santa Ynez to the new Brittany Davis Gallery in Ojai, CA

Wow, more light and Spring will be here before we know it. What a winter it has been.  Unusually cold and rainy where we live, and I loved every minute of it… and so did the animals and trees.
I’ve done a lot of contemplating in the last few months. Looking deeper into what gets in my way and the stories I tell myself based on my past experiences. 
They are like worn out stuffed animals that I have been holding on to like a kid who doesn’t want to give them up for fear of losing them. 
Why? Because they’ve been part of my life for so long only now, but they don’t serve any purpose, and certainly do not provide any perceived safety. In fact, I’ve discovered, that they are sabotaging and detrimental to my emotional health and path in this life.
So I’ve decided to let them go. Bye old stories. Hello new ones that provide peace, exhileration and lots of love love love.  
And…. HELLO to new beginnings!

Brittany Davis, arranging my work for my interview. She asked me great questions. (All the artists were interviewed)

On March 30th, my resin work will be exhibited and represented by a brand-new gallery in Ojai, CA, The Brittany Davis Gallery.  I will be part of a group show every month and have a solo show in the gallery this year as well.
Brittany curated and chose a couple of my “Treads” pieces a couple of years ago for an abstract show in her gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica,CA.  
I get to share her new beginning too… she recently moved from L.A. to Ojai to open this gorgeous 3000 square foot gallery on the main street. 
Dare I say, I am proud…to be included in this gallery after producing this work for less than a year… it will be a year in April that I created my first resin piece.  
Of course, that sweet little critic inside is saying, “you’re an amateur and haven’t been doing this long enough.” And then there’s the newish part inside that simply says, ‘I hear you; I love you, now go sit down.”  
I hope I am always an amateur in some ways, exploring whatever medium I am using… experimenting and trying new things. I’m not even sure what ‘professional’ means anymore anyway and frankly, I don’t care. 
It’s difficult for me to express what it means to share this work. Yes, I am excited and delighted and I am also humbled and grateful… to share some pages from the artistic journal of my life.
Artistic pages that present my desire to share beauty, joy and strength. It warms my heart when I think of someone taking home a piece of my work where it will live to provide the same a way that related to them.

Theodore, talented photographer and videographer made it easy to feel
comfortable during my interview.

I will probably do a short ‘live’  FB or Instagram <- Click for more info or to follow!
March 30th between 5 & 9 pm at the opening in Ojai, CA. 

I’ve seen some of the work delivered by other artists and I can tell you it is phenomenal and I feel deliriously privileged to be amongst them.

Do you have any old stories you’d like to archive and write some new ones?  I hope so. Let’s do this.

Here’s to new chapters created to delight and fulfill…ourselves and others!

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. 

Love and light,


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