Home is where your heart is. Now, literally, and more than ever.
Fill it with love. See the world through loving eyes, even in the midst of…
That’s when it needs you the most.
Keep the faith.

Autumn Vineyards, 24 x 48, Resin on aluminum, $1500

As artists, we offer the option to clients and collectors to commission us to create a piece of artwork.
It’s a term that is used quite often by artists, but there may be some people out there who are wondering what that exactly means?
Commissions are collaborative, customized pieces.
I meet with my clients, now on zoom so they see artwork and texture, and we discuss preferences for color, size, materials and vibes. Sometimes they are commissioning a piece for a loved one and they will describe that person; what they love, their style and favorite colors.

Quiet Your Mind, A commissioned piece of work for a client in Duluth, MN

In the coming weeks, I will be interviewing some clients that have commissioned me for artwork. We’ll talk about the importance of art and the process of a commission.

See my first interview with India Salter -> HERE.

Click on above photo to see the interview!

I’ll be posting these vids on InstagramLinkedIn and Facebook.
In the midst of this pandemic and staying home, I would love to know: What kind of artwork would you like to see in your home?  What would soothe you? What would delight you or help you to feel peaceful? 
I thoroughly enjoy creating work in my studio and honoring the muse within. However, equally fulfilling is to honor a client’s request and create a specific piece of work that speaks to them and their vision. They feel great about being part of the process and that makes me happy. 
A wonderful by-product from commissions is the relationship generated with my client through collaboration.

Lupines, 24 x 48, resin on aluminum $1500
(weatherproof )

The way I keep my sanity in staying home is by staying the course as much as possible by creating work, redesigning my website, exercising, meditating (a lot!) and tapping.  

If nothing else, this time at home has given me the opportunity to slow down, work on back burner projects and connect with my gratitude for so many blessings despite the present circumstances.  Making fun art videos, sharing my work and entertaining are ways for me to contribute and it is my hope that I can cause, if even the littlest bit, a ripple of positivity to help in the healing of our beautiful universe.  I hope you enjoy the video below.

Waterproof, outdoor fine art. Sound too good to be true?
It’s not!
CLICK HERE and watch as I take the plunge to show you! These works are created with acrylic paint and resin, the kind used to repair boats.

Click on the photo above and take the plunge with me!
“It’s OK To Be Blue” 20 x 20 $750
Resin on Aluminum with filagree leaf

Take good care. Stay safe and positive. Create your sanctuary.
Love and light,

PS: If you’d like to commission me to create a piece of artwork for your home (inside or out) I’d be honored to add something beautiful to your sanctuary.

This is my sanctuary, where I meditate and start each morning. “Orange Surprise” is  24 x 24 $450
(Weatherproof, made with resin on aluminum)

Country Crossover


Singer Songwriter






For information regarding pricing and purchase.  Fill out the form below and Robbie will contact you with details.

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