Black Friday Art Promotion

Only offered this holiday season!

Here we are, almost mid-November and approaching the holiday season again. Art is such a great gift any time but during a time of potential stress and craziness, giving the gift of art and its beauty is soothing and long lasting. 
This year I am happy to offer a Limited Edition of mini resin pieces. Not only are they beautiful, but they can be functional as well.
They are 12 x 12 inches, created with resin and acrylic paint on aluminum.  

  • Frame it!
  • Use it as a trivet (I recommend using a coaster on top when placing something with extreme heat.
  • Inspirational message on the back from the artist and signed 
  • Each piece is one of a kind and original
  • Cork backing accompanies piece in case you’d like to use it as a trivet. 
  • Easy to clean- just a rag and a little water
  • Buy one and receive an original signed print on beautiful watercolor paper.

I want to let you, my supportive and respected subscribers, know first and offer the opportunity to choose an artwork from this limited number of pieces before I announce it publicly on Friday so you have 48 hours to pre-order yours before they sell out.

What’s really fun about this, is that you can be part of the creation if you order soon! 

I’ll ask you for your 3 favorite colors and will create a custom piece just for you or your loved one.

There will be 10 to 15 at most of these minis and what I love about them is the versatility. I made a couple for our house and we use them all the time…. As trivets or just for display in the middle of our table. Or…. You can frame them too… either in a traditional frame or a floating frame.

$125 for 1 piece
$225 for 2 pieces
$300 for 3 pieces
Buy 4 pieces and get one free!

Again, I’ll be posting my November promotion on Friday, so you have 48 hours, first come first serve, to pre-order! 

Email me your inquiries about available pieces and place your order(s) at
Credit Cards, Venmo, Zelle and PayPal are welcomed!

Orders will be taken before November 22nd, so I have a week to ship the pieces and you should get them by black Friday or early the following week. ($15 Shipping and Handling in the U.S.) Contact me for shipping internationally!  If you’d like to see my larger works CLICK HERE.

I’m really excited to be able to do this while I’m also preparing for the Palm Springs Art Fair in February with the Brittany Davis Gallery!  I’m keeping the collection small so I can keep working on the larger pieces for the fair. It’s going to be an amazing experience so if you’re in the vicinity in February come and visit us!

Meanwhile, enjoy the holiday season, gradually… don’t let it overwhelm you. Stay sane! Go on walks, breathe a little deeper, remember all that you are grateful for and that you being here, is a gift in itself!

Share the beauty, within and throughout!

Love and Light 


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For information regarding pricing and purchase.  Fill out the form below and Robbie will contact you with details.

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