The Boardwalk

Raw from the Road, April 8, 2017

The Boardwalk


Part of the elasticity that you need, in order to continue to try to create, is the foregone conclusion that not all of it is going to be fabulously successful.

But it’s all going to be part of a long lifetime body of experimentation.

Elizabeth Gilbert


The Boardwalk, from the typology, “Deconstruction” Long Beach Boardwalk, NY

No. 6


Self-portrait at the reconstruction site of the Long Beach Boardwalk after Hurricane Sandy, NY and it’s from the “Boardwalk” series in the typology, ‘Deconstruction’.

I loved the irony of photographing this series for the typology at a place that was just about demolished from a storm and was then in reconstruction.

There is so much meaning here for me as I spent many summers in my youth above and below this boardwalk. I felt like we were reconstructing together on a foundation built of memories.

We all remember a childhood place where we felt carefree and happy. Long Beach, Long Island was one of those places for me as a teenager.

Twenty years later, I was driving from NYC to the boardwalk many times a week to run by the ocean on the same boardwalk… in the rain… the snow.

I was sad to see it in pieces… but knew before too long it would be healed and reconstructed, this time, even stronger than before.

I like the metaphor.


It’s no fun to go through break downs or break ups and it’s amazingly difficult to believe it will be better when they’re over but… the will.. they always are. We get to pick up the pieces and

put them where they will be stronger and more wise.


If you’re there now… hold on…and remember the last time you felt this way. You got through it and came out stronger than before.


Here’s to healthy reconstruction!










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