Mist Trees

Raw from the Road, April, 17, 2017

Mist Trees


I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life – all mystery and magic.

Harry Houdini





The mist is so alluring.



It’s forbidding… yet so inviting.


When I first moved to the country, in the early mornings, I took Luna for walks on the most beautiful acreage.


Sometimes I’d get there and couldn’t see more than 50 feet in front of me.


The trees in the distance looked like they were floating in a cloud.


I couldn’t wait to photograph them.


Sometimes the photographs did not translate the magic and mystery of the trees in the mist.


Every now and then, I’d get lucky and make an image that captured that haunting white halo lingering around the tree.


A local coffee shop owner contacted me last minute to hang my work at her café because an artist just canceled.


Within a couple of days, I needed to print and frame about 15 images of these trees and got them ready for the show, “Mist Trees”

which would be displayed for  a month.


I love the mystery in the air and today was that kind of day, fog and cloud all around and outlines of trees in the distance.


It was a great reminder for me, to embrace the mystery in life and to stop trying to see everything so clearly.


Deep breath.


Ready for the rest of the week and all the unknown that comes with it.

Ready for the mystery?


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