Listen To Me

Raw From The Road, June 28, 2016


Listen to Me

You know, you do need mentors, but in the end,
you really just need to believe in yourself. 

Diana Ross


Have you ever tried to be so open to people’s suggestions that you lose sight of your own preferences?  Oh, that’s a good idea… Or..hmm, maybe I’ll try that.

And there are those who, while being generous with suggestions are also adamant.  Like, “you simply have to blah blah blah” or “are you crazy?  You’re going to do what?”

And I guess that the combination of my insecurity and desire to be open to other’s suggestions led me down the rabbit hole, the Bermuda Triangle…the house of mirrors.

We as people are generous in offering suggestions and ways to accomplish things or what to do to obtain a desire.

Well meaning of course, and in the end we all know that we may or may not take these thoughtful suggestions into account.

I planned to bring self-growth books and it started with one person saying “really?  You’re going on a vacation, why would you bring work?  I mean, you’re going to relax and unwind, why work your mind while you’re there?”

I thought, huh, they have a valid point.  I AM going away to unplug and let go of work, why would I take book that makes my mind work?

Later, it was corroborated by another mentor…”Yes, you should take a good novel” and he was kind enough to suggest one, which I bought.

The book sounded so good, I rented the movie so I left the book home.

In the end, I wound up packing a notebook, my iPad to write, and two self-growth books.  The ones I was originally going to pack.  I’m so glad I did.

Being on vacation is wonderful, but I don’t think our mind really ever goes on vacation and as long as it was still with me, I thought I’d read about things I need to implement into my life and work and yes, business.

I’m learning that they are all connected.

Like a great novel, I couldn’t put them down, anxious to read the next chapter as I was learning so much.  My husband joined me and we read to each other learning together and talking about it.

Reading these books confirmed that I should listen to my own heart… Hear what others have to say, yes, but in the end, follow my own heart and intuition.

These books cleared pathways for me where I was once flailing and could’t find my way and   my self-reliance grew.

I can be such a hypocrite sometimes.  I am always the first one to say “trust yourself”, and here I was doubting myself and only listening to others.

After being away, I feel more secure and more in tune with my path… Which is quite scary and full of risks, but one take away I gleaned from one of those books was, ‘If not now, could be never’.

The need for permission is waning and although I will most probably always yearn for the approval of certain people, I am ready to move on without it.

I feel things coming together in a way that I have never felt before.  It’s far from crystal clear, but it feels like a merging of purpose and desire with a strong current of commitment.

Listen to me when I say….Listen to you.

BE gentle with yourself.

Be Brave, Be Strong, Be YOU!



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