I ran out of the hot tub!

I am nursing a sore shoulder so I went into the hot tub this morning to loosen it up a bit and when I looked south in the sky I could see the pink peeking through the trees.  I just knew it was going to be “a good one” as if no other sunrises have been good around here?!  So I jumped out of the hot tub, fed the dogs, threw some clothes on and jumped in my car to drive to one of my favorite places to see the sky and trees.

The truth is, there are many beautiful sunrises here and sometimes, I actually have to hold myself back from jumping up and straight into my car to chase it.  On some level, I really do believe that photography is my drug of choice, just like music was for so many years.  It’s a journaling of sorts.  In fact, I really think that all of life is a journal… it’s comprised of the events of our lives…the days, the environment, the images that surround and fill our experiences.  I think that’s what photographs are. Photographs, like music, are the backdrop to our lives and on my quest to infuse beauty into the world, these beautiful sunrises, provided by Mother Nature, are gifts to add to my personal ‘journal.’  The best part is that I get to share them and hopefully get another person to take in the beauty and feel good or connected to nature, like I do when I am there photographing it.

So here is a photo from this morning’s sunrise here in Santa Ynez Valley, California.  Definitely worth cutting my time in the hot tub short!

EnJOY and remember:

Be Brave, Be Strong, Be YOU!!



2016-01-13 07.07.25


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