Guadalupe Cross

Raw from the Road, April 15, 2017 (Las Cruces)



Guadalupe Cross


Guadalupe Cross, CA



The English verb to cross arises from the noun c. 1200, first in the sense “to make the sign of the cross”; the generic meaning “to intersect” develops in the 15th century.


The concept of intersection is ironic since many of these crosses are displayed at an intersection of a road, some more dangerous than others.  In Salinas, there were so

many accidents along the 101  they deemed it “Blood Alley.”  I remember driving by there and seeing so many crosses

line up I couldn’t count them, one after the other.  They’ve done a lot of work there and now it is much safer.


The descansos that I photograph vary. They can be extremely elaborate, as we saw

with Hector from the other day and some are minimalistic, like this one…just a glove from the motorcyclist and a candle.


This is an ongoing project.  I will be adding it to my website soon as like me, my website is under reconstruction but still viewable.  Please check in soon to see this new category.

For now, stay safe out there!




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