You Are My Rock

You Are My Rock, 14 x 18 in.

I recently had rotator cuff shoulder surgery…still recovering. Full disclosure, I love being independent and not relying on others to do things for me…however, I’ve been relegated to the use of one arm. Spoiler alert…I’ve been painting just about every day with my other arm, my so-called ‘good’ arm and that has been a great gift. Another great gift is having someone in my life to be my rock, when I need it. My husband, who is very busy with work and hobbies, has really stepped up to the plate. Cooking, caretaking, hair stroking in nights filled with annoying wincing from the pain and every now and then…chauffeuring.

Maybe some of you will relate… to the ‘letting others’ take care of you thing? I did, in the end, surrender to this concept and I have to say, I like it! (Don’t tell him that!) OK, as much as I like it, I also like that as I heal I am able to do more and more myself. I know I’ll be on a great path once I can put my hair in a pony tail all by myself!

Back to painting… my drug of choice, my refuge my sanctuary…and I know it is the same for many of my comrades. Because I couldn’t work on my large pieces, in advance, I bought a table easel and smaller pieces of wood to paint on.

It was amazing. At the same time, every morning while it was cool enough to be outside, I sat down at our table outside, under an umbrella and painted…and experimented and painted some more. It felt like, more than anything, a study of painting trees and horizons. I did, every now and then, just have to do an abstract like this one, “You Are My Rock.”

As soon as it was done, I knew it was representative of how I felt about my man taking such good care of me. I come to the party kind of stubborn, wanting to be my own rock…or the rock for others… so this was a really sweet lesson in allowing others to care for me. Friends sent texts, flowers and my local buds dropped off dinner and even sat with us to share the meals they were so generous in bringing.

This all reminded me that, even though surgery hurt and was an inconvenience, I had very little to complain about. Still so grateful for so much. And, I so hope that all beings have their rocks to lean on… and that those times are far and few between.

With love and wishes for good health and creative flow!



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