Why Didn’t You Just Say So?

This piece was about 3 or 4 pieces before this final reincarnation. Needless to say, there are layers and layers of paint that I don’t ever think are going to be covered up, but are… repeatedly. I’ve been working on this canvas for about 6 months or more…

During the last stages of this piece, I was creating a landscape scene, one that I had a vision about… with mountains, sky, path… the things that have been inspiring me lately. For the week I worked on it, every day felt more arduous than the next..morphing into work I didn’t really like or want or resonated with. There were times I thought I was headed in the right direction only to wind up at another dead end.

The images above were part of the evolution. As it sometimes happens, all the prior ‘mistakes’ were the perfect underlinings for what was about to happen.

After feeling completely frustrated with this painting and myself, I said out loud to it, “If you just wanted to be an abstract, why didn’t you just say so?!!” I haphazardly grabbed paint and covered most of the canvas… did a little technique that I use and… was blown away by the ease in which this abstract ‘created itself.’

What most painters know, I think, is that the harder we ‘try’ to contrive something the more of a losing battle it becomes since the creativity process truly stems from somewhere over than ourselves… at least, that’s what I believe to be true for me.

So when “I” got out of the way… “Here Comes the Sun” is what came through…pun intended.


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