What Eyes See

There are things known and there are things unknown,

and in between are the doors of perception.

Aldous Huxley

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In my last post I mentioned the new mixed media work I’ve been working on, “What Eyes See” (name change!) in my last post from Raw from the Road.  Since then, I’ve created about 12 pieces and I’m looking forward to sharing the collection very soon.

Merging my photography with resin has been an extremely exhilarating process. Working with the resin to create a lens around the photographs is surely challenging, having to wait a certain amount of time for the resin to cure enough for me to sculpt it. However, the outcome (when it works) is so fulfilling. It’s as if I get to share what I might be seeing through the lens of my camera with you.

It all started with eyes…and the concept of how ‘we’ look at things and that we have a choice in that process. Yep, the ole ‘half empty/half filled’ cliche… but I believe it’s true. And while I don’t always see the glass half full, that is my preferred mode of vision, whenever possible and as often as possible. The way we ‘see’ things is completely a choice we get to make.  

Creating these eyes invited me to look at how I see things in a wider scope… less literal, more playful.

In other news, I will be updating my website with this new work very soon, so stay tuned and visit www.robbiekaye.com to see the construction and full collection when you get the chance.

I had a minor procedure on my right hand, so of course I had to experiment and see what I could do with my left hand…. uh, and I came to the conclusion that I’ll wait till my right hand feels better and THEN get back to painting!

I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for being a valued and appreciated subscriber and for your support and interest in my artwork and journey. I invite and welcome your feedback and the sharing of your stories too. I love getting those emails with your views and experiences in what I am writing about.

Wishing you a wonderful Spring Solstice… enjoy all the blooming!

Love and Light,

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