Verlie Boyd, Beauty Queen

Verlie Circa 1965
Verlie, 18 Years old
Tamera, 2 Years old


My Grandmother, Verlie Maude (Brookes) Boyd, opened her Beauty Shop in 1950. Died in 1984 and had been retired for just a few years. (1908-1984) I handed her pincurls and rollers on weekends over the years (as a child) and actually learned how to cut hair by watching her. I still cut my husbands hair to this day. I cut my son’s hair, (21 and 23), until they were in their teens.
My grandmother would put cold cream on her face every evening before bed as a beauty ritual of sorts and I used to watch her in the mirror thinking she was so old and so beautiful and I loved her wrinkles (I think she was about 50 then~~OMG! Hah) I am 53. What I learned from that though, was that self care and appreciating yourself as a woman was not only good for You but for all those around you.   -Tamera Boyd Hays

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