The Art of Breathing

Mountain Roads – Aerial Photograph I took from my husbands trike plane.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who goes through cycles of confidence and insecurity. I envy those people who are confident all the time. I even wonder, do they feel confident all the time? Maybe it’s not so much about confidence as much as having the courage to do things while feeling fear. I guess in this cycle of cat and mouse, for me, sometimes the fear wins out and it’s stifles me, slows me down and even sometimes stops me in my tracks. This is when I’m most frustrated and so the cycle begins. There is one thing that I recognize to be extremely helpful in these cases. That thing is for me to stop. Stop striving, stop trying and stop thinking and putting so much significance on the end result. I forget to breathe deeply. I forget that all is well in one way or another. And when I relax into stillness, I am in that very moment and I remember how grateful I am to be in that moment, present and alive. And that is all that matters in that moment, and every moment even while I am practicing high-performance skills, creating new work or thinking of how to share my work.


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