When the road is unknown and not very clear,
count your blessings.
Hiding behind the smoke and clouds is the sun, waiting.
Be wise with this time, it is a gift as is every day.
Your heart is the epicenter of the universe.
Open it up and send resounding love to all that need healing, for we all need healing.
Raw from the Road, Robbie Kaye
From the Collection, “Aftermath
16 x 40 Inches, Resin, Acrylic on Canvas, $1600 (Shipping included in the U.S.)

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When Icompleted Synthesis, I saw a scar and I didn’t want to use the word ‘scar’ in the title, so I researched the definition and this is what I found on wikipedia: Any injury does not become a scar until the wound has completely healed. 

There was more, but I felt like this was all I needed to know. This and that a scar is formed by the synthesis of collagen. I love the word, ‘synthesis,’ and the concept of things coming together, particularly when it comes to healing wounds.

We are all injured. We all have healing to do. And there are many who are now taking the time to do just that… and coming together as we heal individually… which collectively makes a huge difference. And as a very good friend of mine pointed out, the color of this piece is pink, the color of love and the color of the heart.
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Speaking of surroundings, since my work is not in a physical gallery at the moment, I have been installing and staging artwork in my home and studio…and in my husband’s office…and outside of our house. 🙂

Liza Zhurkovskaya, who is the curator and owner of the online Kefi Art Gallery, based in Toronto, will be  joining me on IG LIVE for a home/studio art tour on August 31st at 4 PM PST
7PM Toronto Time

I hope you can join us!!  I’ll be posting the tour on FB as well.
On another note, I had the wonderful opportunity to create a piece for the Wildling Museum of Art and Nature event, Nature Takes the Wheel: A Public Art Project with Upcycled Hubcaps! Learn more about it – CLICK HERE!  This piece will be available for auction at the end of the event. Contact the museum if you are interested!

And lastly, I invite you to take a ride with me and my husband. This was last night’s drive home through the Santa Ynez Valley. The sun is particularly orange due to all the fires. Thank you to all who are working around the clock to save our brothers and sisters, sentient beings and our land.   

Click HERE for Video – turn on your sound and enjoy the ride!!

And to all, please stay safe.



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