Sometimes Intense

Raw from the Road, July 21, 2020

Sometimes Intense
18 x 24
$950 (Shipping included in U.S.)

True healing is the willingness to treat yourself
better than the past ever did.
Matt kahn

Every day on Instagram is an image from my Aftermath collection. 

Today, I am sharing my newest pieces that I completed this month and three that I just completed today. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge Georgia O’Keeffe fan. When I studied photography at USC, my final portfolio was inspired by her and now, many years later, I am still influenced by her beautiful work. This piece started out as a linear with horizontal strokes, like many of the pieces in Aftermath, but something just wasn’t sitting right. So I used my hands and started created an orb. I loved the way the colors morphed into each other and before I knew it… I (the muse) had created The Divine Feminine. 

The Divine Feminine 18 x 24, $950 (Shipping Included U.S. only)

Here is a new piece I just completed today:

Untitled Hearts 6 x 12, Wood, $395 (Shipping Included to U.S.)

As always, you can see the entire Aftermath collection, the 2 minute video and new additions on my website, HERE.

Sometimes Intense, 18 x 24, Wood, $950 (Shipping included within the U.S.)

These days I am watching/listening to Matt Kahn, one of my favorite mentors, on YouTube while I work in the studio. He had just talked about the divine feminine energy, which I loved learning about. Sometimes, I wonder if I paint just so I can do my spiritual work! It’s the only time I am focused on one thing…and a captive audience.
I was delighted to have “Roses Bloomed” be sent to a new collector in New Jersey. It is the first in this collection to be sold.

Roses Bloomed, 6 x18, Aluminum

In other good news, several of my pieces were selected for the “Art is Life” online exhibition in the Brittany Davis Gallery and you can see that work HERE. 

A Deeper Look, included in the “Art if Life” Exhibit (12 x 12, Wood)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sending artwork out to the recipients of my Instagram call for tagging healthcare workers. In the end, I sent all of the tagged people artwork and I continue to admire them with great gratitude for all the work they are doing during this precarious time. Here is the piece that went to the winner:

Sunrise, Sunset 6 x 18, Aluminum

I am gratefully represented by the international fine art gallery, Kefi Art Gallery, where my work is available online to view and purchase. There are such amazing artists also represented by Kefi and you can see them all HERE.

If you’re local, don’t forget (when it’s safe again) you can see my work in person at Crawford Family Wine Tasting in Solvang and also Helen’s Hair Studio.

Lastly, I hope, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, that you get to see the comet, Neowise. Here are some tips from NASA on how and when to see it  It won’t be visible for much longer.

Stay safe, healthy and please love yourself completely! 


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