Room for Growth

It’s funny how symbolic things become when transformation is apparent in one’s life.  I’ve been noticing how the little succulent plants I bought over a year ago were outgrowing their ceramic pots. They didn’t have enough soil to grow in and the taller ones started listing and I propped them up with pencils.  The soil mark was way to low and I could see the new growth on the bottom of the stems coming in.  .After months of noticing this, and unfortunately ignoring the nurturing they needed,  yesterday I finally re-potted them into larger pots and as I did I felt connected to them.  Ignoring them was like ignoring myself and my need to change and grow.  Though I had been watering them, it was not enough and I could tell they were uncomfortable…and squished.  It felt so good to take care of them, and give them larger pots and a space to grow in…they were instantly happy. 

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